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Hey parents! We are already missing the interaction we have with you and your children each week, but we have a plan. The plan is to turn you, the parent, into the small group leader. The links on this page will allow you to watch our weekly videos, and give you access to the curriculum we give our small group leaders each Sunday. The videos below are broken up into three groups: First Look (Awali/Preschool), 252 Kids Elementary (1st-3rd grades), and 252 Preteen (Merge 45 for our 4th-5th grades). The videos are short and entertaining, so watch them with your children.  I also included a link to our Parent Cue App. This is an amazing resource that is free to you. It is available on both Android and iPhone.  

If you need help in any way, feel free to email me at You can also call the church at 478-953-9388 or you can reach me at my cell phone # at 734-502-9423.

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Weekly Resources


252 Kids Activities
(1st-3rd grades)

Merge 45 Activities
(4th-5th grades)

Collide & Ignition

This is where we will be posting weekly services for our middle and high school students.
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Weekly Services