Stories of Grace are powerful testimonies of how God has done incredible things in the lives of believers. It is our belief that by learning of God's grace, and seeing it in action through the trials and tribulations of others, that you will begin to take notice of God's presence in your own life, and in your own struggles. Just a small awareness of His grace can anchor you through the fiercest storms. We hope these Stories of Grace will encourage and lift you up as much as they have for us.

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The Storms of Life
July 10th, 2024
When you align yourself with God’s purpose as described in Scripture, something special happens in your life, and so it was with the Baggetts. When Dr. Kevin Baggett met his wife Christie, he knew he had found someone very special. They worked diligently to get their degrees and then, as a team they labored to move Kevin on through the difficult years of his medical training. They worked well toge...
The Perfect Switch
July 10th, 2024
A friend of mine, J. S. Thomas, told me about growing up in Ewing Virginia as a member of a family with thirteen children. His father worked on the railroad and would often be gone from home two days at a time. When it came to discipline, all accounts would be settled upon his return home. This did not preclude his mother from taking care of this area of their childhood education, if the situation...
Working the List
July 3rd, 2024
God does all things well. Elaine knew it and she believed it, but the winds of sorrow that swept into her heart that day, were physically painful. Her son, Brent French, had lost his battle with the dreadful disease, cancer (large cell lymphoma). To put itSimply, she was brokenhearted.

Some have likened grief to standing in the shallows at a beach with large breakers hitting the shoreline. It can...
When He Reached Down His Hand for Me
July 3rd, 2024
In the spring of 1973, double bypass heart surgery had been performed on A. T. Humphries, but his future certainly did not look bright. He actually hung between life and death for nearly forty days. The endotracheal tube that had been a part of the wonderful medical equipment that had kept him alive had also damaged his vocal cords. The ministry of music had been the focus of his life. He had serv...