Southside Vision

Warner Robins Vision

We believe that God has called us to reach as many people as we can in the 478, and it has become increasingly obvious that Hawkinsville is the next place He wants us to go. We have been praying and laying the groundwork for this for some time and have a lot of people who are driving to our church from Hawkinsville and the surrounding areas, so we are so excited to start making this vision a reality. When we opened up this worship center almost ten years ago now, we turned our previous worship center into a children’s building…sort of. We flattened the floor, laid down some carpet and called it a children’s building, but it’s never really looked like we think it should look. But we believe that it is now time we make this space a legitimate children’s building, a place where kids are excited to come and bring their friends to.

Kathleen Vision

We believe God is leading us to build a new facility for our Kathleen Campus to expand our reach and be a beacon in our community. With more space, we can support Southside’s vision to spread the Gospel both locally and globally.  Our leadership team is currently working on a Master Plan for our campus expansion.  The hope is in the fall of 2024, we will present to our church family a time of sacrificial giving to make the vision become reality.  To start, will you join us in praying for the project and what God will lead you to do in the near future! Thank you for being a generous church.

Pleasant Hill Vision

The vision of 2024 includes multiple upgrades for the Pleasant Hill Campus. We will install new windows in the Worship Center building and the gymnasium will get some much needed upgrades. We plan to replace the roof and insulation in the gym and explore some options for creating space for 252 Kids and Merge. When those upgrades are complete we will install a new gym floor. While all of this is ongoing we are also laying the groundwork to launch Southside Hawkinsville. Thank you for being a generous church and committing to the vision of 2024 for Southside Pleasant Hill.