The Grace of Life

The hospital room seemed so small, so crowded, so sad.  My heart broke as I watched a mother weep for her premature newborn daughter who lay dying just a few feet away.  With a heavy heart and eyes that were hung with tears, I watched a tearful young father attend to his grieving wife.  I saw brothers and grandfathers, all of them strong men, weep for the loss of the child.  I saw the women of the family ministering to everyone in the room.  Ella Grace Pfeifer was born with physical problems that were incompatible with life, and she lived for only a few precious minutes.  I felt the close presence of the Lord in the room that day.  I know that they all needed His touch.  I know that I did too.
A few days later, friends and relatives came to the funeral to show their love and support for this young couple.  Brent had stepped up and planned the funeral and the burial details. I did my best to speak words of truth and comfort and God’s love, but I realized that only God’s grace, applied over time, could meet their needs.  I watched as the family gathered around a small, white casket in a quiet cemetery. (As I recall Brent had carried it himself from the car to the grave site.) The family knew that their love was an important component of the healing process and they were ready to do their part.  I purposed to try to be a part of that encouragement to them whenever the Lord gave me the opportunity.  Hebrews 4:16, tells us, Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.  This tragedy would certainly qualify as a circumstance of great need.

Today, fourteen months later, I stand rejoicing at a bedside, watching that same young mother lovingly cradle her newborn daughter, who was delivered four hours before I arrived.  The child is petite, (approximately 6 lbs.) with the prettiest red hair you could ever want to see.  She fusses and her lower lip quivers a bit, bringing a soft response from her mom.  The proud father then reaches out and securely scoops up this little infant with two strong but gentle hands.  What a wonderful scene to witness!  I gave a soft welcome and a blessing to Ava Grace Pfeifer, the child that God sent to fill the arms of a couple who have been dreaming of this day for a long time.  On the inside my heart shouts, “Isn’t God’s grace a wonderful thing?!.”
Sixteen years have passed and our story of grace is in great need of an update. So here is the rest of the story as we know it.

When God sent Ava Grace to the Pfeifer family it was a wonderful day and once again their daughter Drew would have a baby sister.  Look at what the passing years have done.
Every year on the 30th day of July this loving family celebrates the birthday of a cherished daughter who only stayed on this Earth with them for only a few short minutes. Ella Grace Pfeifer is gone to Jesus now, but not forgotten. What a wonderful day it will be when they meet her again.

 Roger Allen Cook

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