Kyle's Puzzle

I recently had the opportunity to watch a thirteen-year-old boy named Kyle work on a jigsaw puzzle. The pieces of the puzzle were a little larger than the ones that I enjoy doing, but that is completely understandable. Kyle is a severely mentally impaired teenager, suffers from seizures, and as a result has poor motor skills.
If you were to meet Kyle, his problems would be immediately obvious; yet there he was, successfully taking individual pieces, finding their place within the puzzle, matching the notches, and gradually making the fragmented picture whole again. Life, in general, has certainly not been easy for Kyle and his family as they lovingly work to put the pieces of his life together to help him be all that he can be, in spite of many difficulties.

God has a plan for Kyle, as He has a plan for each of us. God’s plan is for us to become a picture of His grace that is developed over the days of life that He ordains. If we surrender all the pieces to Him, He will fit each one together for His special purpose and create a beautiful scene for all to appreciate.

The picture of Kyle’s life will not portray all the opportunities that some lives will, but that is not a problem. Kyle handles all his difficulties with patience while almost never complaining, he merely accepts whatever the day brings. He has become a neon display of God’s providence and love for one who could be described as a weaker vessel. Weaker, perhaps, but less valuable? Never!

The God of Heaven is a master at using the weak things of this world to bring glory to Himself. He tells us in Matthew 25:40 …‘Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them, you did it to Me.’ And as the Apostle Paul said, “…when I am weak, then I am strong.” Those of us who have been blessed to watch his entire family lovingly care for him, can attest to God’s wonderful provision for his needs.  

Thinking about Kyle and his puzzle, I remember that God answered Paul’s plea for healing with the words, “My grace is sufficient for thee; for my strength is made perfect in weakness.” That advice is for all of us, including Kyle.

As I consider the puzzle that has been my life, and some of the mismatched pieces that I have vainly tried to fit together, I wonder how God perceives it all. When He sees Kyle and me standing together, I wonder which of us He considers being “the weaker vessel”? I dare say that there might be many who would not fare well in that type of comparison.
Hang in there, Kyle! One day your God will make all things new as we shed our earthly vessels of weakness for eternal robes of perfection in Jesus Christ. Many people, but particularly your parents and sisters, look forward to that heavenly day when they can have a long conversation with you, and together can you shout, “Isn’t God’s grace a wonderful thing!”
Hey, what happened to that last piece of straight edge? It was here a minute ago.  You don’t suppose Kyle is hiding it so he can put the last touch on the puzzle do you? Nah, he wouldn’t do that—would he?

Roger Allen Cook

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